Current projects

* Pacific Hackers Conference – 2018 – current

Founder and President.

* Hackmiami Conference  –  2012-Current

Rated TOP 50 Infosec Conference by CSO Magazine

Featured in Rolling Stone Magazine

* Kommand && KonTroll CTF  — 2012 -2017

Competitive hacking tournament capture the flag games. Featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.  Games featured at ISSA regional, international conferences, RSA Tech 2013, Bsides conferences, sponsored by government agencies including NSA.

*AKTAION — 2015- Current

Co created with Joseph Zadeh. Open source Machine Learning exploit detection and active defense too. Featured at Black Hat 2016/2017.

*NOQRTR CTF — 2018 – Current

Real life based competitive capture the flag games.

*CHIRON — 2017 – Current

Co-developed with Joseph Zadeh. First open source home based machine learning analytic and threat detection framework based on ELK and integrated with Aktaion.