Sample of media quotes & appearances

CoinSec Podcast Episode 67. Tornado Cash Sanctions, DeBridge Phishing Attack, Curve Hack

Dark Reading: Cloud Security Blind Spots: Where They Are and How to Protect Them

Shellshock In-Depth: Why This Old Vulnerability Won’t Go Away

IBM Security Intelligence – Zero Trust in 2020: More Important Than Ever Before

The rich are different, but their smartphones aren’t … CNN Business

Looking Ahead to 2020 Cybersecurity Trends and a New Decade – IBM Security Intelligence 

The Potential and Perils of the IoT in Healthcare – IBM Security Intelligence

Practice Social Media Safety to Protect Both Personal and Enterprise Data – IBM Security Intelligence

Why Deepfake Audio Technology Is a Real Threat to Enterprise Security – IBM Security Intelligence

Forbes: The Mobile Network Of The Future: What You Need To Know About Cybersecurity

IBM Security Intelligence. The US Is Slow to Adopt EHRs, But That Might Actually Be a Good Thing for Healthcare Security

Dark Reading

Shellbot Crimeware Re-Emerges in Monero Mining Campaign


Outlaw Shellbot infects Linux servers to mine for Monero

Fox News

Super Bowl LIII fans will be targeted by hackers both at the game and while watching on TV, experts say

New York Post

Super Bowl Sunday is a hotbed for hackers, security experts warn

SC Magazine

Unsecured MongoDB exposes 200M records of Chinese job seekers

RF Globalnet

The Week In 5G: 12/28/2018 – North American Telcos Predicted To Hold Largest Slice Of Global 5G Market, White House Considers Executive Order Banning Huawei

IBM Security Intelligence

Is 5G Technology a Blessing or a Curse for Security? Depends Who You Ask

CSO Online

What is the cyber kill chain? Why it’s not always the right approach to cyber attacks

City College of San Francisco, CA

CNIT 152 – Incident Response, October 22, 2018 Lecture


The Hot New Millennial Trend Is Scamming Amazon for Big Money

Silicon Angle

Kodi add-ons found to contain Windows and Linux crypto mining malware

West Virginia blockchain-based mobile voting raises security concerns

Mac security vulnerability via outside apps opened the door to hacking

IBM Security Intelligence

Fight Fire With Fire: How AI Plays a Role in Both Stopping and Committing DDoS Attacks

Legal AI: How Machine Learning Is Aiding — and Concerning — Law Practitioners


Hacker Implants NFC Chip In His Hand To Bypass Security Scans And Exploit Android Phones

Forbes China

American Banker

DDoS Attacks Are Still Happening — and Getting Bigger

Dark reading

Millions Of Android Phones In China Have Backdoor

Security Magazine

Monero miner found in third-party Kodi add-ons for Linux and Windows

Bluetooth vulnerability could allow man in the middle attacks

Open AWS S3 bucket exposes private info on thousands of Fedex customers

Rolling Stone Magazine

Geeks on the frontlines – 


You’ve been hacked – WiFi hacking report


The man who hacks phones with an implant under his skin

Infosecurity Magazine

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Spreads In Russia, Ukraine

CSO Online

DDoS explained: How distributed denial of service attacks are evolving

Network World

RSA 2017: The Internet of Things security threat



Jask’s Chiron Brings AI Threat Detection to Home Networks

Akamai Warns of Reflection DDoS Attacks Using Millions of UPnP Devices

Pentest Magazine Interview 

DEFCON Media.  DEFCON 21 – 2013. Intro to Web Application Hacking

En Espanol

CNN Espanol ¿Está EE.UU. preparado para un ciberataque?

CNN Oppenheimer presenta podcast “El riesgo de los cyberataques” 

CNN Oppenheimer presents pocast “El riesgo de los cyberataques” * Stitcher

Póngase Los Tenis con Rodrigo Garduño – Apple Podcast  – Peligros de la internet

Póngase Los Tenis con Rodrigo Garduño – Audible  – Peligros de la internet

* Spotify link

CNN Oppenheimer presents TV Show “El riesgo de los cyberataques”

Radio %27 “Ciber Inseguridad” With Jomoza, Fall, Kneda, Carlos Loureiro from HackMadrid %27

Voice of America (VOA)  

VOA 2019


Ucrania reporta ciberataques con herramienta que podría borrar datos de miles de computadoras

Denuncian estafas con robo de identidad a través de WhatsApp en Miami: le decimos cómo protegerse 2021

Univision Te explicamos qué tipo de ataque cibernético sufrió el Distrito Escolar de Miami-Dade y sus implicaciones 2020

Univision – Depredadores Sexuales Apps Populares Espanol 2019

Telemundo 47 New York City -Seguridad cibernética, una prioridad de la educación a distancia 2020


Telemundo (Spanish) Hackers buenos o malos?

Yahoo News Espanol – Consejos para evitar ciberataques mientras tus hijos estudian

CNN Espanol

CNN Espanol El asistente virtual de Amazon podría ser testigo en un homicidio en Florida

Agencia EFE

Chicago Tribune

With Andres Oppenheimer

United Kingdom

Security Magazine UK

Crisis in the SOC as skills shortage bites deep, says report

Can AI smarts replace humans in the Security Operations Centre?

Computer Weekly UK

TechZone360 UK


EBC Agencia Brazil –



Society Magazine






Sample of my present & past research publications & presentations


Black Hat Arsenal USA – 2024 – Splunk Attack Range

Hackmiami – Introduction to LangChain – March 2024

STRT – Detecting WS FTP Server exploitation with Attack Range – Oct 2023

Hackmiami – Robots 101 – Interacting Attacking AI Robot – May 2023

STRT – CISA Top 10 Malware – January 2023

A DCO Force-Multiplier; STRT Detections of Destructive Payloads July 2022 

STRT – Industroyer2 – June 2022

STRT – AcidRain – May 2022

STRT – CPE Destructive software – April 2022

STRT – Threat Update Caddy Wiper – April 2022

STRT – Threat Update Double Zero Destructor – March 2022

STRT-Detecting HermeticWiper & Ransomware Decoy Mar 2022

Malpedia STRT links 

Rod Soto @ infoconDB

STRT-TA02- Threat Advisory. Destructive Software-Jan 2022

Approaching Linux Post Exploitation with Splunk Attack Range. SPLUNK STRT – Jan 2022

DEF CON 29 Cloud Village – Rod Soto – Detection Challenges in Cloud Connected Credential Attacks

Black Hat Europe 2021 – Git Wild Hunt. A Tool for Hunting Leaked Credentials

Black Hat Arsenal USA 2021- Git Wild Hunt

Due to Less Pollution, Secrets Stored on the Cloud are Now Clearly Visible – RSA USA Conference 2021

Detecting Trickbot with Splunk

Hackmiami Meetup 02-06-2021 Whatsapp, Telegram & Signal attack vectors

Hakin9 – Splunk Attack Range

Kitploit – GitWildHunt A Tool To Hunt For Credentials In Github Wild AKA Git*Hunt

Black Hat Arsenal Europe 2020 – git-wild-hunt: Pwn API and leaked secrets

Purple Team Summit 2020 – Adversarial Attack Range with Splunk

Blog – Detecting Ryuk using Splunk Attack Range

Blog – Detecting CVE-2020-1472 Using Splunk Attack Range (mentioned in DHS Emergency Directive 20-04 *)

Blog – Using Splunk to Detect Abuse of AWS Permanent and Temporary Credentials

DEF CON Safe Mode Red Team Village – Rod Soto – Have My Keys Been Pwned API Edition

Blog -Approaching Azure Kubernetes Security

Blog – Approaching Kubernetes Security — Detecting Kubernetes Scan with Splunk

Blog – Splunk Attack Range Now With Caldera and Kali Linux

Blog – Use Cloud Infrastructure Data Model to Detect Container Implantation (MITRE T1525)

Rod Soto – Jose Hernandez. Texas Cyber Summit Junegle summit 2020. Attacking the sub surface. Adversarial simulation lab. 

Rod Soto – Jose Hernandez. DEFCON Red Team Village May-hem online summit 2020. Red Teaming Devops. 

Rod Soto – Jose Hernandez. Hackmadrid %27 Online Meetup. Red Teaming Devops (In Spanish – Espanol)

Rod Soto – Attacking & Defending Against Drones. Pacific Hackers Online Meetup 2020. 

Rod Soto – Phil Royer Splunk .CONF 2019 Use Splunk SIEMulator to Generate Data for Automated, Detection, Investigation, and Response

Rod Soto – Victor Fang – A Smart Contract Killchain How the first Blockchain APT – DEF CON 27 Block Chain Village

Rod Soto – Jose Hernandez – Using Splunk or ELK for Auditing AWS GCP Azure Security – DEF CON 27 Cloud Village

Bsides SFO 2019 – Profiling “VIP Accounts” Access Patterns in User-Centric Data Streams

Art Into Science Conference (AcoD) Austin – Ops track 01/30/19 – Profiling “VIP Accounts” Access Patterns – Rod Soto, Joseph Zadeh, Xioadan Li

Shellbot Crimeware Re-Emerges in Monero Mining Campaign (Dark Reading)

BSides Las Vegas 2018 – I am the cavalry

IATC – Cavalry is ALL OF US – Joshua Corman, Beau Woods, Rod Soto, Travis Moore & Heath Wickline

DEFCON XXVI – Defcon Demo Labs – Chiron

Black Hat Arsenal USA 2018 – Chiron

Identiverse 2018  – SMS Vulnerabilities in Identity Management

SAMBA Protocol Vulnerabilities Threat Advisory – 2018 – JASK

Domain Impersonation / IDN Campaigns TA – 2018 – JASK

DerbyCon 2017 – Chiron Home based ML IDS with Joseph Zadeh

Black Hat EU 2016 – Splunk 

Hackmiami Conference 2017 – Detection of webshells in compromised perimeter assets using ML algorithms

RSA Conference 2017 – Automated Prevention of Ransomware with Machine Learning and GPOs

DEFCON 2016 – Packet Hacking Village Dynamic Population discovery for Lateral Movement Detection

Hackmiami Conference 2015 – Biohacking – Implantable chip attack vector Demo video

Aktaion – Signatureless Threat Detection. Open source ML tool for ransomware detection

The Lambda Defense: Functional Paradigms of Defense for Cybersecurity

BSides Orlando 2014 – Civilianization of War, paramilitarization of cyberspace and its implications for infosec pros

AKAMAI State of The Internet Q4-2014

DDoS attacks against global markets PLXSert – White Paper

Yummba web injects AKAMAI/PLXSert

Zeus Crimeware kit PLXSert